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  • Group Health Care are one of the major benefits offered by many employers. Protecting employee’s health and wellbeing is quickly becoming a pivotal investment for employers. It goes without saying that healthy employees are more productive and usually return to work sooner in the event of an illness.

    The cost of a Group Policy is usually more competitive than employees taking out their own individual policies and the premiums are deemed a tradeable expense for tax purposes for the employer.

    Healthcare can be a complex area and finding the right balance between cover, benefits and cost can be difficult.
    Through our experience we are able to understand you, the employer, as well as your workforce to tailor a Group Policy solution which meets your and your employee’s needs.
    If you already have Group Health Care in place, these are usually automatically renewed on an annual basis without questioning the cost or the level of cover.
    We are able to work with you to enable you are receiving the best value for money and, if needs be, re-broke your Health Care requirements to improve the level of cover or the cost.
    Our audit and review will examine not only the cost, but the rate of claim payments, administration and management.