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  • Neil Clift

    Despite being born in Walton-on-Thames and remaining there to this day Neil loves to travel. His favourite trip was when he toured South America, taking in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Neil is an obsessive golfer and together with a group of friends religiously travels to various countries each year, including Turkey, Morocco and Portugal, where they (the entire group) agree on a coordinated, yet eccentric group dress code. Next year they are planning to travel to take their bizarre coordinated dress code to Cape Town. In Neil’s own words: “It’s a tradition now, which primarily is to enable a bunch of overweight middle aged blokes, keen on sartorial elegance, to let off some steam and have a good laugh”

    Neil specialities:
    Neil is an integral part of the Keystone team being fully Independent and specialising in Pensions and Investments, particularly Pension Transfer Analysis and At Retirement Planning. He also provides advice on Inheritance Tax Planning and Auto-Enrolment. Please do not hesitate to contact Neil regarding any questions on the above. He is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

    • Favourite Charity : Cancer UK
    • Sports Team : Europe- Ryder Cup!
    • Activities : Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Martial Arts, Cycling
    • Favourite Pub : Any will do with a great atmosphere
    • Best Restaurant : Rules, Covent Garden, London

    Neil’s Pet Hates:

    • Control Freaks (So he hates himself!)
    • Intellectually challenged people that think they’re the opposite!

    Neil’s Bucket List:

    • Complete a long distance charity bike ride!
    • Attend Boxing Day Ashes at MCG
    • Play golf on every continent in the world

    Special Qualities:

    • Mental Arithmetic Specialist!
    • Pretending not to be competitive
    • Moaning (apparently!)