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    Keystone Independent is part of Keystone Group, a successful and growing advisory business with Advisers across Greater London and a Head Office based in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey. We have plans to grow further and have opportunities for Financial Planning Consultants within Greater London. We also have opportunities for Mortgage and Protection Advisers within our sister company, 'Keystone Wealth Management Limited'.


    Here at Keystone Independent, we are always looking to expand our team to provide growth, opportunity, and add to the overall skill set we can provide to our clients.

    Keystone Independent is an energetic young company, dedicated to supporting the needs of financial services professionals just like you.

    We understand the adviser’s lot, and the support you need to run a successful business.

    We are in business to exploit the changes in regulation rather than a business trying to adapt to survive in the face of new regulation – a key difference.

    We also believe you can still have an adult, business-to-business relationship, without compromising those personal touches like business and technical support that used to prevail in the past.

    We are undergoing unprecedented levels of growth. This growth is due, in no small part, to our philosophy of supporting advisers, both at a motivational and a technical level; this, coupled with our success in the market, makes for a compelling proposition.

    However, we have not finished yet and we will continue to expand – and this is why we want professionals like you to join us on our journey.

    Does this sound like you?

    You’re a successful adviser, running your own business. Or perhaps you are working in an employed environment and do not feel you are financially recompensed for your efforts; that your entrepreneurial skills are not utilised to their full potential?

    You feel the internet and call centres have their place but you believe they’re no substitute for quality face-to-face advice.

    Over the years, you’ve watched the financial services world change out of all recognition.

    You know that much of this change is for the better, but you still remember the good bits from the old days – like the sales culture and feeling part of something.

    You’ve watched the organisations you’ve been associated with scale down their technical and business development support.

    You get the feeling these organisations now only want large businesses, with large turnover – somewhere you don’t want to go – and that smaller businesses like your own have become insignificant.

    You’ve noticed how you spend less time with customers and more time on administration and compliance. You would like to do something about it but you don’t have the capacity.

    It’s not black-and-white any more. It’s no longer about tied or independent and never-the-twain-shall-meet. You now have more choice than ever before.

    So, what are you going to do? Suffer in silence or look at joining something created for the new world without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    Read on to find out more …

    You hear the term ‘business-to-business’ banded around all too cheaply but what does it mean? Well, we think we know what it ought to mean.

    “Business-to-business” ought to mean being treated like an adult, without being constantly watched, and being allowed to run your business as you see fit, working as many or as few hours as you see fit. And, it ought to mean not having to justify your actions to some higher authority, often in the guise of a sales manager.

    We can summarise this with one word: trust.

    We will give you the freedom to run your own business as you wish. When you want support, we are here to give it: if you don’t, then that’s fine too. We will provide you with all the tools you need to trade successfully and safely. All we ask is you preserve the high standards of professionalism we insist on: after all, trust is a two-way street.

    That all sounds great but they’re just words – how does this reveal itself? You will receive the following benefits:

    • A comprehensive life and investment product range from some of the most respected names in the

    • Market-leading general insurance

    • An innovative on-line trading platform – ensuring you trade compliantly

    We then back this up with:

    • Individually tailored contracts, designed to match your income and capital needs, and your business

    • Full compliance support and supervision

    • Free professional indemnity insurance

    • Business development support

    In fact, just about everything you need to build a successful and compliant business.

    In today’s financial services market, it is essential to have a comprehensive and top quality product offer. We believe we have just that.

    Are you interested?

    Working with Keystone Independent not only offers you the freedom to build your own financial services business, but also gives you access to state of the art intelligent advice process/CRM system and some of the best commission rates and procuration fees in the industry today. You’ll have the reassurance that we’re here to help you, whenever you want us.

    If you like the sound of the way we work, and are interested in finding out more, then we’re interested in hearing from you.